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10 Clever Beauty Tips And Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier And Save Your Money

01 August 2017

Every girl knows that taking care of yourself and looking like a million dollars requires a lot of time and effort. f you’re looking good, you’ll feel good too! The beauty industry has a wide variety of products to pamper ourselves with. Over time, we get a hang of what brands suit us best. Once we’re past this hurdle, it’s worthwhile to understand how to make the most of these products. We are giving you 10 amazing beauty tips with the help of our readers that’ll make your life a lot easier when it comes to looking your best.

Use lemon for whitening your nails

Frequent use of dark colored nail polish can leave a yellowish tint on your nails. Always use a clear base coat before using colored nail polish to protect nails from discoloration. To get them looking clean and white again, soak a cotton wool pad in lemon juice, wrap it around your nail, and then cover it with foil.

Note down the expiry date of your beauty products on the label

Beauty products usually all have a symbol at the back of the label to show how long they will last. The round symbol shown above says the number of months the beauty product can be used after the package is opened. For example, the product above will last for 6 months after it is opened. It’s a good idea to immediately write the expiry date on your product with a permanent marker as soon as you open it.

A quick fix for a broken nail

Anyone who has long, pretty nails will know how frustrating it is when one of your nails breaks. An ordinary tea bag can be used to fix a broken nail. Remove the tea leaves from the bag, and cut off a piece of the bag to fit your nail. Stick it on the spot where your nail has broken, and trim off any excess that hangs beyond the length of your nail.

How to clean hair straighteners and curlers

To clean your hair straightener or hair curler, mix together some baking soda with hydrogen peroxide, and wipe it along the surface using a soft tissue. Then wipe one more time with a completely dry tissue.

The perfect way to apply nail polish

Apply some lip balm or Vaseline to the skin around your nails. Now go ahead and apply your nail polish. Any extra nail polish on the skin can now be easily cleaned out with a brush or Q-tip.

Create a special plate for washing your brushes

To provide a surface for scrubbing your various makeup brushes, create a special plate for them. Take an ordinary single-use plastic or paper plate, and make random shapes on its surface using a hot glue gun. When the glue has dried, use warm water and shampoo, and rub your brushes against the rough surface of the plate. Continue until the water runs clear. Finally, give them a quick rinse off in clean water.

Use baby oil instead of foam for shaving

You can use baby oil instead of foam for shaving. This can help avoid irritation, and it will also help to better moisturize your skin, leaving soft, smooth skin after the shave.

A soak for softening the skin on your feet

For smooth and baby-soft skin on your feet, wash them in the following mixture: 2 cups of warm water, 1 cup of vinegar 1 cup of mouthwash.

Get rid of hair static

During cold weather, the problem of static, fluffy hair becomes more and more of a problem. To get rid of static and smooth out your hair, just use ordinary dryer sheets. Pass them through the full length of your hair.

Weird hacks for skin and travel

To remove whiteheads with a bobby pin, place the head of the pimple in the center of the looped end, then push down gently until the pimple pops. Use a bulldog clip to put over your razor when travelling so that you don’t cut yourself when digging through your bag.

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10 Clever Beauty Tips And Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier And Save Your Money
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