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8 More GoT Bloopers Ridiculous Than The Starbucks Cup

17 May 2019

Filming an episode of any modern TV show can take hours and hours, but filming an episode of GoT can takes days, even months at a time. Believe it or not, the Battle of Winterfell took fifty-five night to film, mostly because of certain needs the production has to fulfill in order to get the scene just right.

When you have a production of that scale and film under the pressure of the entire world, including hardcore fans and the Internet trolls who make the best memes ever, you’re bound to make some mistakes. The latest season has been on a roll with negative reviews and they keep on pouring.

So, in the name of the Great Starbucks Cup, here’s a list of other bloopers fans discovered. And here’s a confession – I’ve never seen a single episode of GoT. But I know pretty much all there is to know because people talk about all the great TV shows.

You should disregard the tiny mistakes they make and appreciate the effort they put into it. That being said, a petition of half a million speaks against my opinion, so…

Believe it or not, the Valyrians don’t use steel to make their swords.

Rubber is far better for fight scenes.

Even ancient cities need to have a proper water supply system

My wife wouldn’t let me go in a fight without my wedding ring

I suppose it makes sense.

But the fact that we have arms and pinkies growing back on people is not people expected to see

The age change that doesn’t happen every time she takes off her necklace.

I like to take my charger with me, whenever I go into battle

It keeps me safe.

Why on Earth wouldn’t he wear a winter coat during winter?

It’s winter, after all.

That time you couldn’t figure out where to put your sword

Maybe it was made of rubber so he couldn’t put it in properly. Hint – bottom right corner.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a list without the Bonus coffee

It seems like they don’t watch their own episodes. They should literally pay fans to watch them before premieres. Maybe start a petition on that?

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8 More GoT Bloopers Ridiculous Than The Starbucks Cup
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