10 People Who Asked The Wrong Guy To Help Them.

13 October 2018

When it comes to Internet trolls, the father of all photo manipulation trolling is James Fridman. You’ve probably come across some of his ‘work’, but if you didn’t – you’re in for a treat.

James became a hit a while back and he just keeps on delivering. People send him pics and he literally does what they ask. He comes up with various ways of entertaining his followers and delivers every single time.

The sum of photos below is exactly what happens when people ask an expert to ‘fix’ their photo. So James goes ahead and fixes the photos for them.

This girl wanted to kiss a dinosaur instead of a guy/h2>

So James delivered and gave her a dinohuman.

Less awkward? Not a problem./h2>

James is the king of the literal, so expect the unexpected.

Most of the people who send pics to James ask for this type of thing/h2>

Make you flawless? Sure.

Are you into Harry Potter?/h2>

If you are, then James got ya.

If you’re into the whole unnatural shapes thing, then yes, James can help you/h2>

You just don’t really know what to expect, that’s all.

I think he pretty much nailed this one/h2>

He really did. All I see is drama behind that man.

She asked for it/h2>

And our main man James delivered. It looks awesome, if you ask me.

I don’t think there’s something you can ask that James won’t get literally/h2>

All this kid wanted was to look taller than his dad. And James helped him achieve that.

I wasn’t aware there was a fish named mullet/h2>

Also, why would anyone willingly agree to a mullet in 2018? Is it coming back? Please tell me it’s not coming back.

We all hate it when we take an awesome photo an a random object appears out of nowhere – in this case, the bald head

So James decided to help the girls and remove the bald head.

Images source: providr.com

10 People Who Asked The Wrong Guy To Help Them.
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