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10 People With Comebacks Sharper Than a Razor

06 May 2019

How often do you find yourself thinking about the comment you just left? It’s been 10 minutes and you just came up with a perfect comment, but should you delete the previous one?

Should you edit it or save it for the next time? But will you ever get a chance to do it? Let’s be honest here – you won’t. But these people made the right comment at the right time.

So sit back, relax and learn from the masters. You’ll even laugh a bit, which won’t make your day entirely useless.

I need to get a Yoda backpack and try this out

Ah, the gift of giving back

How to tell the difference between a baby and a chicken?

At least you know who you’re dealing with.

My cat sits and wants whatever he can get. Nasty little fella.

I did NOT see this one coming…

Anyone else?

Starting tomorrow, I’m introducing this to my workout

And I bet I can do it better.

I believed my mother when she said I’m handsome

But I’m just fat and adorable. At least my wife isn’t disappointed by my looks.

I swear, it’s like I’m looking at a spitting image of him…

Everything tastes better with kebab

And that’s the reason why I’m still adorable. And fat.

Who else has pesky neighbors?

We used to call the lady across the street Hawkeye. She would ask me if I came home at 3:30AM. She knew every little detail that went on in the neighborhood.

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10 People With Comebacks Sharper Than a Razor
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