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10 People With OCD Skills Beyond Anything You’ve Ever Seen.

12 September 2018

There might be no luck in the world, but creating your own perfect moment is fairly plausible. Almost everyone experiences a perfect moment, but not all of us have a phone right by our hand.

Well, these people were lucky enough to have it and actually took a photo of their fairly plausible perfect moment. But what makes it so ‘perfect’? You be the judge.

Not only is this climber plant climbing up in a peculiar place, it’s rainbow colored

All you had to do is whip out your phone and take a photo.

How good are you with your shades, Mr. Grey?

This perfect layering just needed to be photographed.

The original caption of the photo was ‘this is why I love America’

I just think the employee has an OCD – which usually means perfection.

The perfect membrane

It requires no skill, just a perfect moment.

When was the last time the lid came of perfectly?

Or the content inside was near perfect? That’s right, never.

Ah, the crayon perfection

Also, only a person with an OCD has time to do this.

Powdered snow creates the perfect shapes

Or in this case, no contour whatsoever.

The number of bubbles is close to infinite

Not really, but it’s definitely mesmerizing.

Flawless penfection

Get it? Pencil perfection? No?

Mother nature at it’s finest

And no, it’s not a bath bomb, it’s an actual rock.

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10 People With OCD Skills Beyond Anything You’ve Ever Seen.
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