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10 People Share Brainless And Useless Life Tips.

29 November 2018

Despite being super-counterproductive, the following life-hacks will probably make you feel better. Why, you might ask scratching your head?

Well, you are getting a unique opportunity to peek into the brainlessness human mind. And people, please don’t try to replicate any of these. For your own sake.

Apparently, people love to use their toilet seat at all times

Especially while watching TV and eating food.

You have tangled headphones?

Just use Johnson’s No More Tangles and you’re good to go.

Now you don’t have to be bothered by people on your subway

Just wear this vest.

You have a tiny screen on your vintage phone?

Just put it in a glass of water – it’ll magnify everything.

No, you should never do this. Not even in the back seat.

Also, people are brilliant sometimes.

You could save some space by cutting each and every one of them in half

It actually works, take a look at the photo below.

If you want to keep your cake moist while eating…

Just eat it.

Why on Earth would you buy new socks?

Just wear black socks and paint everything black beneath the holes.

You managed to get yourself a nice TV during the shopping craze?

Put the box at the neighbor’s trash can – you know, just in case.

Also, you can use laptop chargers to keep your snack nice and work

I don’t think the same goes for drinks.

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10 People Share Brainless And Useless Life Tips.
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