10 Pics Showing What A Long-Term Relationship Looks Like Today.

13 October 2018

Most of us think we know what love actually is. But in reality, we know about 5% of the greatest feeling in the world. Nowadays, the majority of people go rush through their lives satisfying the physical needs only.

Those people usually regret not finding that one person who is there for them through thick and thin. Sure, having purely physical relationships has its benefits, but who said you can’t have that in a longterm relationship?

The astonishing artist by the name of Amanda Oleander has managed to depict true love and the amazing moments that come along in just a few illustrations. She draws her inspirations from family and friends, and believe us when we say – this is what love looks like.

There’s always enough time to spend some time together

When was the last time you popped a pimple?

The feeling of being with each other can’t be matched

You can actually enjoy the time you spend together

Just look at her eyes – they say everything.

True love is just like living under the stars

Gross? Gross doesn’t exist when you’re in love

The only charge you need throughout the day is the love you share

Sometimes you just have to embrace each other

Couple Sundays are all about being lazy in bed

You know that thing couples do with Netflix?

Well, this is it.

Images source: wroops.com

10 Pics Showing What A Long-Term Relationship Looks Like Today.
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