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10 Prime Examples Of People Being Plain Ol’ Weird.

08 December 2018

So, you came here because you wanted to see the weirdness? What do you mean noo? Don’t scroll away from me. Yes, you did – you came because you were curious about the weird.

Some of these pics are so weird they will literally make you feel unsettling. Well, they won’t be weird or unsteeling for all of you, mostly because not everyone is as weird as you. Yes, YOU.

I think these are quite bizarre, aren’t they?

The earrings no one ever wanted to wear.

Toilet noodles? Sure, why not.

Let me get a scoop of that.

If you ever wish to be reminded of how old you are

Hold a baby.

I believe that made everyone weird

Except for this guy. He just cringed hard.

If this isn’t a brilliant and unnerving gateway to hell, I don’t know what is

That’s one thicc tree

If you know what I mean. Wink, wink.

That’s a grape that made everyone feel weird

Imagine eating this weirdness. I most certainly can’t.

This is almost as weird as that holes phobia

I only looked at it once and scrolled over.

Dear God, I jumped out of my chair for a second

How did this thing end up in the pizza? And who ate the other half?

I’m really sorry about this one, but it’s weird

And unsettling.


10 Prime Examples Of People Being Plain Ol’ Weird.
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