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10 Reasons You Aren’t Lazy, But A Genius.

15 November 2018

You may now have another excuse to binge watch television shows and take naps during the day.

A new study reveals that intelligent people live a more sedentary lifestyle, as they rarely become bored and spend more time lost in their own thoughts.

Researchers found that those who fill their day with physical activity are often ‘non-thinkers,’ and do so to stimulate their minds in order to escape their own thoughts.

I can’t hear my thoughts

Once considered a sign of insanity, talking to yourself has shown to improve memory. When there is a storm of thoughts in your mind and you talk to yourself loudly, it will be easy to remember next time, because your mind will know it’s familiar.

Not really the social type

More intelligent people don’t do well socially. Geniuses just don’t feel understood by people, so they withdraw themselves from society. Their interests and priorities are usually different from those of their peers, colleagues and even family members that makes them act distant.

Seeming stagnant?

Overthinkers and worriers are actually some of the most intelligent amongst us. Overthinking and worrying about potential situations shows imagination, which links to a high creativity IQ, so the next time you’re worrying about something, harness the creativity instead. So, if you thinking a lot, you are not lazy.

You love taking your time

To some people, working on one thing at a time rather than multitasking may seem lazy. In reality, lazy people take their time to get the job done right when they get around to it of course, while genius people focus on tasks and do it on time.

Being disorganized and messy.

Intelligent people tend to focus more on the big picture and concern themselves less with uninteresting organizational details.

Research has also shown that geniuses are always looking for the next stimulating source of information, and couldn’t care less about tidying up their desks.

Is doodling your favorite leisure activity?

Just when we thought the only good thing about doodling was reducing stress (we’re ignoring the ridiculous waste of paper factor) along comes a study that proves people with higher IQs turn to Caran d’Ache pencils and scraps of paper in times of need too. According to researchers, people who possess high intelligence learn to find alternative processes for their intellectual output.

You are nonchalant

Believe it or not, nonchalant people have a certain wit that implies intelligence. Studies found a link between sarcasm, being nonchalant and creativity, meaning people who use sarcastic humor and which are sometimes nonchalant. are more likely to be intelligent as it requires more thought, allows the mind to expand and promotes conceptualization.

Delegating tasks

You aren’t lazy if you delegate tasks to others, you are a leader who knows how and who to give tasks to get the job done quicker. It’s a rule that teamwork makes the dream work!


Constantly thinking about multiple things at once and not being able to focus on a particular task means you’re constantly expanding your horizons and wanting to achieve more.

The unique way your brain works can be used to your advantage and you can use it to unleash your creative genius.

You love daydreaming or tend to have frequent work breaks

Your daydreaming may be frowned upon by modern society, but don’t let the naysayers get you down. Daydreaming and taking breaks is actually a big sign of creative genius and success.

It is the kids (and adults) who spend time daydreaming that end up being some of the most successful the world has seen.

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10 Reasons You Aren’t Lazy, But A Genius.
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