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12 Unique Examples Things Worn Down By Time.

30 November 2018

Time is by far the most powerful and most precious currency we have on this world. It cures diseases, helps Earth heal after wars and destruction and is one of the few things that are out of our grasp.

Humans have managed to gain control over almost everything in this world, but time is certainly not one of those things. Its effect is quite easy to see, but we often forget how profound the effect can be.

This literally shows how time flies by…

Beautiful and sad, at the same time.

These two teddies are of the same age

One was used and other was unpacked until this moment.

This brick wall was actually shaped by sea waves.

This is the same woman

Before and after 48 years.

Tombstone of a mother being hugged by a tree

People have used this for centuries

It’s located in La Meautte, France.

 A decade of scratching leg at one spot.

Time does fly.

Faded floor due to countless hours of walking on it

So many barbers and people have shared stories over this floor.

Trinity Abbey being cleaned

You can see the years wash down.

This happens when you don’t maintain your mineral spa pipes

Actually, how do you maintain them? Anyone?

WWI trench wars 100 years later

Fascinating, I know.

Peeling off 30 years of graffiti

Just imagine the amount of paint that went on that.

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12 Unique Examples Things Worn Down By Time.
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