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10 Students Who Mastered Their Cheating Game.

07 November 2018

When it comes to cheating on tests, I was the genius in my class. I used my shirt’s front pockets to write notes. I also taped notes on the inside of my shirts.

I was a part of that ‘hip-hop clothing’ generation so the teachers were used to me wearing baggy clothes. I could’ve had As in every test, but they knew I was more of B- student.

I pushed my luck with a few As, but they could never prove I cheated on tests. So we settled on me not faking it for an A and they weren’t paying close attention to HOW I manage to get good grades.

His teacher said the class could use a single notecard.

I would’ve been proud to call this man my fried.

This guy managed to write this in larger font outside of his math class window.

He’s a genius.

There’s a lot you can fit into a tiny juice box.

Well, maybe not much if you’re writing in German, but still…

A lot of my girl friends managed to nail a couple of exams.

You get the pun, right?

This was actually not that difficult to pull off.

Bet it would be easier with a 5-inch screen.

I guess this would only work if the teacher was lazy.

Which they probably were.

I had one of these pens.

Came with obscurely dressed ladies and a blank side. You can guess how that went…

So he had all of the dates on his left peck?


Wish we had smart (or Apple) watches back in my day.

I would’ve accomplished way more than writing these articles.

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10 Students Who Mastered Their Cheating Game.
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