10 Tech Hacks That Could Actually Save Your Life.

11 October 2018

Humanity can’t really function without technology. To be specific, modern societies can’t function with technology. There are millions of people around the world who live their lives without any technology – and they do it with ease.

So why do we have tech hacks? Why do we need tech hacks? Technology alone should be more than enough. Well, humanity is driven by advancement and in order to make the advancement faster, we need to adapt faster or come up with hacks.

Now, these hacks are breaking the barriers between dimensions, but they have become proper lifesavers. If you teach one person one hack, they will be grateful for life. See if you know any of these.

Believe it or not, TVs come with USB ports

So if by any chance you can’t find a place to plug in your charger, use the USB port on the TV.

You can actually prevent cable fraying

Just use a spring.

Amplifying volume?

Not an issue.

And if your radio doesn’t work, amplify the sound of your phone’s speaker

All you need is an old paper cup. It doesn’t even have to be clean.

Prevent signals from bouncing

Add a piece of tin foil at the back of the router. But this is mostly for old routers, new and expensive ones don’t have these issues.

Battery in your remote dying?

Use a tiny paper clip to fix it.

A bit of tape and permanent marker make your phone’s flashlight into a black light

Have an overheating problem with your laptop?

When was the last time you had eggs?

Turning smartphones into a microscope?

There’s way to do that, as well.

What do you think makes IG influencers great?


Images source: wroops.com

10 Tech Hacks That Could Actually Save Your Life.
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