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10 Things Only Americans Believe In

13 March 2019

There’s this stereotype the rest of the world believes in and it’s that we, the Americans, are dumb af. The reason why, in my honest opinion, is targeted audience.

You’ve seen those videos of people not knowing that Europe is a continent or that Paris is a city and not a country. I know what and where Europe is. Even the Balkans.

And I know that because I expressed an interest in learning things outside of the curriculum. But not many people do that. AND, the US education system is super bad.

There’s no interest in other countries and their history (besides the World Wars, with an emphasis on the one the US were engaged more in), and there’s plenty of history.

The curriculum is all about WE AS A NATION, and WE AS A NATION are now dubbed dumb af. So thanks education system; I appreciate the stereotypes you gave us.

So, the Innovation Center of US Dairy shared their number – 7% of Americans actually believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

Yes, there was a study on this. That’s about 17 million people.

There are thousands and thousands of people who strongly believe they’re stalked by other people, on a daily basis.

They also believe they’re harassed by the system. Which does make sense to some degree, but stalking? I mean yeah, but by groups of people? Every single day?

1 in 4 Americans believe that God, the omnipresent and the almighty, will play a huge role in deciding who gets to win the Super Bowl

And we’ve been over this, remember?

Ah, yes… the lizard people. There are 12 million people who believe that the lizards run the United States

Yes, making fun of those people is, well.. fun. But that’s just sad. I wish there were lizard people. That would mean we are far more advanced than we think we are.

I guess we’ll find out. It’s only a matter of time when millions and millions of people start falling off the edge of Earth. Someone will combine lizardly and flatness.

Now, I’m not a programmer myself, but I know how to tweak things around websites. You know, the basic layout, colors, images…

In order to learn that, I went through a few courses of HTML and CSS – which aren’t STDs, yet Americans believe that every single acronym is.

An equal number of people believes in Bigfoot and the Big Bang Theory.

And that tells a lot about us as a nation. Aaaaan if you want to hunt a Bigfoot, just go to Texas – they have the coolest laws.

Close to 50% of Americans firmly believe that all of the larger news outlets make stuff up about the President.

I mean, we are a media-driven nation – it sort of makes sense that we believe in pretty much everything the media says. And the media have spoken about this percentage.

So, remember that time the humans lived with dinosaurs?

Yeah, me neither. But apparently, a ton of Americans do. I suppose the 4% of the population who believe that we live with lizard people.

Oh, how I love us/US people – especially when we believe nothing can happen to us/US

Close to half of the population, almost 160 million people, believe that global warming will cause damage to the United States, but not them. Like, nothing will happen to them personally.

You love watching movies and TV shows, right? Because that’s the only reason you’re familiar with the Constitution

Tons of polls and studies have proven (over and over again) that the average American citizen knows almost nothing – read that NOTHING – about the Constitution. But that’s OK, as long the global warming doesn’t mess with us/US.


10 Things Only Americans Believe In
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