10 Things That Would Happen If Earth Suddenly Stopped Spinning.

29 November 2018

Nowadays, there are countless scenarios and prophecies about global cataclysms and how the world would end.

There’s just no way to keep track of all of them, but this particular (and potential) end is a bit more interesting.

Scientists from all over the world gathered to figure out what would happen if Earth suddenly stopped spinning.

First of all, all GPA data would be completely wrong

Resulting in countless crashes.

The Moon would literally crash into Earth

Not right away, but eventually.

An immense amount of earthquakes would happen

Simply do to shift in balance and rotation.

Earthquakes would lead to eruptions

There would so much ash in the sky no sunlight would be able to penetrate.

Unbelievable large tsunamis would hit coastal cities

And those in the center of every continent.

A new giant continent would form in the center of Earth

Gravity would pull oceans to North and South Poles.

Ginormous hurricane would be formed

It would almost cover the entire planet.

Because there’s no sunglight, temperatures would drop

It would get really, really chilly.

People would go flying, like literally flying

Earth does spin at 1040 mph, now imagine what would happen if it stops.

Eventually, all life would cease to exist on the planet

Let’s just hope that it never stops spinning.

Images source: lolwot.com

10 Things That Would Happen If Earth Suddenly Stopped Spinning.
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