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10 Times Life Didn’t Listen To Their Humans.

18 January 2019

A lot of us have learned in the most difficult way possible that not all wishes come true. People in this article found out the hard way that life just doesn’t go the way you want it to.

There will be a certain time in your life when you will be able to steer it about 2 degrees in the desired direction, but it’s mostly on autopilot with you touching the wheel every once in a while just to let it know you’re there.

My daughter was excited about her first computer homework

But then she had her first experience with Windows Update instead.

Thank you, Amazon, for this $500 rock.

Dish in a high-class restaurant…

This is a photo of my academic adviser during my diploma presentation.

Well, the reality is really hard

Maybe put it on the start of the slide?

Hope never dies

But faith in humanity – finally lost

Is the packing so big for commercial or what?

Being honest is the way to go

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10 Times Life Didn’t Listen To Their Humans.
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