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12 Times Manufacturers Tried To Fool You, But Gloriously Failed

07 May 2019

I strongly believe that I was born to work in marketing. The tricks I come up with are way better than you average manipulating marketing. I go straight for your heart.

But my problem is that I like to keep things real. I’m nothing about slapping XL letter on a product and saying it’s double the size. I make that thing double the size.

And that’s probably the reason why I’m not working in marketing right now. I would singlehandedly bankrupt a company by trying to please the people. But at least my products would have a catchy phrase.

This is what I’m talking about.

How is this double the size? You’re not fooling anyone. Not even me. I bought these for my friend.

If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s to read the fine print.

Nothing is EVER as it seems.

When is anything a 100%?

You’re 100% committed? No, you ain’t. No one is. Neither is this juice.

I admit, this would’ve fooled me.

But I would’ve taken it back and asked for a refund.

If I told you I’m a millionaire working for Interesting Things, would you believe me?

Of course, you wouldn’t. Who in their right mind would work for IT?

If the packaging is big, it doesn’t mean that the product is.

They call it ‘extra protection’. For candy.

I like to peep into products, just to see if I’m getting my money’s worth.

This is usually the case.

Oh, I’ve eaten a fair share of these.

You get one, have a bite, then feel bad about throwing it away, so you eat it anyway.

Another fine example of manufacturers trying to mock people with their products

Sure, the air is there to preserve the flavor and prevent it from crumbling…

But why would you do this? You’re losing all the credit. Or don’t care about it at all.

It’s like they think people aren’t able to read.

Are you reading any of these?

This just infuriates me.

But I guess it would be my fault for not reading the sign.

Have you got any examples? Share them and teach the world.

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12 Times Manufacturers Tried To Fool You, But Gloriously Failed
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