10 Times People Were Caught Off Guard While Traveling.

24 November 2018

There’s only a handful of people who don’t want to travel around the world. They’re satisfied with where they are and they would never want to change it.

However, traveling is something almost everyone wants to do at some point in their life, which is why they want to explore as much as they can.

However, no matter how much you think you are ready about something, things just don’t go the way you planned them to.

It doesn’t matter if it’s traveling or something else, you just never know how things will turn out.

This guy has never been on a boat or used one

So he decided to buy a boat. He came close to shore and trashed a few days after he bought it.

This guy spent his life thinking moose were slightly larger than deer.

He decided to travel across the entire North American continent and came across a moose – as pictured.

This guy actually flew 5,913 miles to enjoy the stunning view from the legendary California State Route 1.

He says it was totally worth it.

You should never entirely trust your maps

Otherwise, weird things tend to happen.

Trips can sometimes  be fun

As long as you plan them properly.

Just because you bought a ticket with you hard-earned money, it doesn’t mean you’ll get the best service.

This guy ended up sitting behind a dog. Luckily for him, the dog was quite friendly.

There’s this store in Vietnam where average sized people don’t really fit.

This guy is the best example.

This group decided to go whale watching

90% of them spend their trip looking like this.

That time a Dutchman traveled through China…

A couple was traveling through Eastern Europe and found themselves in a peculiar situation

Their bedroom had a sauna, a dungeon, and an actual nuclear war shelter. There were some golden masks, as well.

Images source: brightside.me

10 Times People Were Caught Off Guard While Traveling.
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