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The 10 Most Useful Features Of Your Smartphone That You Don’t Use

15 June 2017

Modern cell phones have plenty of functions: they allow you to reach someone at the other end of the world, send messages to all your friends in just a couple of seconds, and surf the Internet. However, this is hardly a complete list of what your device is actually capable of.

1. Turning your cell phone into a listening device

With just a few simple manipulations, you can turn your cell phone into the ultimate spy tool or a baby monitor. The device works very simply. In order to test it, place your cell phone in the desired location, then go to a remote area and call the handset you have set up as a listening device. It will answer automatically, and you will be able to hear what is happening where you have placed it. This thing isn’t just for spies!

2. Setting up Face Unlock

Android provides a plethora of ways to unlock your phone: a PIN, a password, a pattern gesture, or a typical insecure swipe. But there is one more unlocking method that most users simply ignore. In fact, the Face Unlock feature is much more secure than a simple password. To set it up, just go to Settings, scroll down to Security, tap Screen lock, and select the option you need.

3. Create a lamp

If you run out of light or you’re out there in the dark, this trick could help you. Just fill the bottle with water and place it over the top of the phone (which includes light) and you will get the lamp that will light better and stronger than the phone.

4. Extending the life of your smartphone

It’s absolutely normal that your phone’s power jack tends to collect dust, dirt, and other debris over time. But only a few people know that dust in the charging port may be one of the main causes of your device’s death. To avoid this, clean your smartphone regularly. Just take a syringe full of air, insert its needle into the power jack, and inject the air.

5. Do not be late

Are you hard to wake up? Do you also ignore the alarm in the morning and want to sleep for another 5 minutes? Place your phone in an empty glass. This way it will produce a louder sound and it will be more complicated for you to get to it and turn off the alarm.

6. Making holograms

By using a plastic CD cover, a glass cutter, some graph paper, tape and a pen, you can easily turn your phone into a hologram projector to make awesome 3D holograms straight from the future.

7. Getting your phone locked forever

It happens many a time that our smartphone gets stolen or lost and therefore it creates a great threat to our important data as it can be misused by someone. In that case, we need the IMEI number of the SIM and most of the times it is not found that easily.

8. Turning your phone into a microscope

It may sound incredible, but you don’t actually need to splurge on expensive equipment in order to see objects that are too small for the naked eye. Using a small lens (which can be found in any laser pointer) and a cell phone, you can make a portable digital microscope that is just perfect for taking amazing magnified pictures and even for letting kids peer at the nuclei of cells.

9. Taking underwater photos

Not all smartphones that are produced today are waterproof. However, just because you have a mobile device that isn’t designed for underwater shooting, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take it to the pool, sea, or ocean with you. “How is it possible?” you ask. You just need a case made of polyethylene that will take you less than two minutes to make.

10. Navigation

Do you plan to go on a long journey on which you will need GPS? Do not waste battery relying on the GPS in your phone. Instead, turn off all tracking applications and take the photos of all directorates where you should go.

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The 10 Most Useful Features Of Your Smartphone That You Don’t Use
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