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10 Views With Completely New Meaning Of Weirdness.

06 November 2018

There are thousands upon thousands of things all across the globe that you’ll never get to see. And that’s kind of sad. Yes, you could devote your life to travel, but tends to take a toll on your finances.

On the other hand, you could do some research and find people who do have the finances to travel. This will at least help you see the things you probably never will. The sights below are some of the most unseen things on the Internet.

Well, they were at one point, but the Internet tends to make things move fast across the glove. A share here and a share there and your friend from Beijing spread it all across China. That’s the way it works.

This is not a fancy apartment

It’s the inside of a violin.

An actual cross section of an apricot tree

With a hint of an alien.

The mouth of a triggerfish

Goose mouth looks terrifying

Who knew crested penguin’s mouth look this scary?

And the frontal view…

Golf ball encapsulated within two trees

This horrifying thing actually exists

It’s a parasite sitting where the tongue usually is in this fish’s mouth, waiting for food

Hatched butterfly eggs.

Microscopic view of a moth’s wing.

Believe ir or not, this is a maggot under an electron microscope.

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10 Views With Completely New Meaning Of Weirdness.
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