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10 Weirdest Places Around The Planet That Actually Exist.

15 October 2018

Our world is an amazing and crazy place that we explore every day. In one moment you see something that amazes you and in the next moment, you see something else.

The life we have is too short to explore all the crazy and inspiring places on our planet. We give you ten astonishing and weird things that are happening around the world – you should add them to your bucket list.

Underwater waterfall in Mauritius

The underwater waterfall, created on an island of the Republic of Mauritius is amazing and scary to look at in the same time. An inspiring sight which looks like a land from a fairytale.

It looks like this because local sand and silt deposits flow around the area and fluctuate the color of the water, so it makes it appear like a waterfall falling to nowhere. Even from satellite pictures, it looks real.

The glowing waves in Maldives

Ever saw this bioluminescent beach of the Maldives? At the night when waves glow, it looks like some fairyland. The first time, when people saw “ostracod crustaceans” which created this amazing color, they were mistaken for planktons. They broadcast light for a larger period than the plankton.

The blue tide in San Diego

This blue tide show located at San Diego is really worth watching. A phytoplankton called Lingulodinium polyhedron is the reason which is laying behind this creation.

It turns waves into electric blue color. So, find the best place on the beach and enjoy the sight. It looks brilliant.

The red crab migration in Christmas Island

There, at the nice beach getaway near Australia and Indonesia on Christmas Island is something you need to see. In the months of October and November after laying their eggs in the sea, millions of red crabs immigrate. It is one of the famous tourist destinations and attractions.

Volcanic lightning in Iceland

This phenomenon is caused by the interaction of the bottom of normal clouds and charged particles present in the ash cloud. The sight is both dramatic and astonishing.

Timelapse Calbuco in Chile

A magnificent and wonderstruck video of this volcano in Chile went viral in 2015. The volcano erupted an ash plume that sprinkled to an estimated 33,000 feet (10 kilometers) of hot, dense clouds of material that blow up out of a crater at high speeds and lava flows have been noticed at the top of this volcano.

The ‘Gateway to Hell’ in Turkmenistan

The Desert Karakum of Turkmenistan has a crater of fire which has size of football field and it is burning for the past fifty years. It is also known as “Darwaza Gas Crater”.

The blue lava in Indonesia

Kawah Ijen volcano, located in Indonesia is one of the wonders which appears to blows blue lava. It happens because of the high ignition of sulfur-rich gases.

Eruptions at Kawah Ijen are having unusually high quantities of sulfuric gas pressured and heated to a temperature occasionally in excess of 600 degrees C. When the gases are exposed to the oxygen, lava ignites them into beautiful blue flames.

Underwater hole near Belize

In the center of Lighthouse Reef, lies an underwater hole, a small and beautiful coral island 100 kilometers from the mainland and Belize City.

In its shape, this underwater hole is perfectly circular. Hold your breath and take a seat when you see it, you’ll be fascinated more than ever.

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10 Weirdest Places Around The Planet That Actually Exist.
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