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10 Women Who Confessed Their Life Doubts.

18 October 2018

Women tend to drive men crazy with their fabricated unpredictability and the fact that they just can’t trust a guy longer than an hour or two – or the amount of time he spends with them.

Granted, not all women are like that, but we’re addressing doubt themselves and aren’t afraid to share it with the rest of us.

Well, would you know, so does my wife

She blames on me when we’re with friends, but usually apologizes and makes it up later.

Definitely not letting my wife read this one

She might make a confession of her own and that sounds terrible to me.

I suppose this is one of the rare honest confessions we’ll all see in a while

I’ve heard about this ‘mother anxiety’ thing

Not sure what’s the deal, but I get along just fine with my mother in law.

There’s no other thing to do

If the cat speaks, you do as it says. Men do this whenever women speak.

Some women just don’t like kids and that’s it

I stand corrected

There’s no honesty, like being brutally honest with yourself.

Not sure what to do with this information

I could go for some lasagna though.

This is so untrue, you should see my wife

I’m playing the women on the right, the paramedic, and the one who’s caring about the guy in the stretcher.

There’s so much truth behind this

Whoever suggested the option knows that very well.

We all would Ali… we all would

Women are not the only ones who love to eat.

Thank you, Anne, we needed this

I’m gonna go and think about my future now.

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10 Women Who Confessed Their Life Doubts.
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