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11 Awesome iPhone Camera Tricks

15 May 2017

Tired of taking the same old selfies? Here are some hacks to really improve your iPhone photography.

1. Bokeh is the word for the blurry round light blobs that show up in the background of photos. You can use cardboard cutouts to create any shape you want for these lights for some really cool effects in your photos.

2. Using just some cardboard and scissors, you can easily create the perfect tripod for your camera. No more blurry images!

3. You can use the panorama feature to set up some really cool shots, including ones where the same person appears multiple times in different places in the same photo.

4. It’s important to keep a steady hold on the phone for this trick in order to avoid a bumpy picture.

5. Remove the focusing lens from an old laser pointer and attach it to your phone with a bobby pin. You will now be able to make some amazing close-up shots.

6. Want to create your own unique filters? Slide a pair of panty hose over the camera lens on your phone and you’ll get an instant filter that softens your photos.

7. Be very, very careful if trying this tip. To make incredible macro photos, place a tiny (extremely tiny) drop of water on the camera lens. This is dangerous, but the photos are completely incredible.

8. If the sun is too bright, and your photos aren’t exposing properly, try placing your sunglasses over the lens of the phone. If your sunglasses are tinted, it should fix the problem.

9. You can remove the shade from an Ikea desk lamp to create a perfect tripod for filming.

10. While HDR sometimes results in odd-looking photos, Auto HDR should sense when it’s needed and help you capture the perfect image every time.

11. Using just an old pair of glasses and some tape, you can create your very own fisheye lens for your iPhone.

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11 Awesome iPhone Camera Tricks
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