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12 Amazing Facts That Everyone Should Know

14 October 2018

Every bit on knowledge we get is a gift and we should appreciate it, especially if it’s something very useful and informative. These amazing facts will give you some of that:

The higher up in the air we get, the drier it ends up feeling. Add a low-pressure environment to this dryness and it cuts our ability to taste sweet and salty foods down by about a third. That’s why airplane food sucks.

YouTube was born partially because its creators couldn’t find footage of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction.

YouTube was originally supposed to be a dating site. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim had given it the name Tune In Hook Up, but it didn’t attract much interest, so it didn’t last long. After all, dating was already awkward enough without a comments section.

The Great Wall of China wasn’t actually any good at keeping invaders out. Tatar forces broke through it in 1550.

Horseshoe crabs bleed blue

Scientists can use nuclear fallout to find out whether a classic painting is the real deal or a forgery. If they find any traces of nuclear bombs from the Cold War in the canvas, that tips them off to the fact that the painting is much newer than it’s supposed to be.

If a group of fish come from the same species, “fish” is what you say. If members of other species have tagged along for the ride, then go with “fishes.”

A surefire way to survive during the London cholera outbreak of 1854 was to drink beer instead of water.

A Harvard psychologist who’s an expert on AI was fooled by a bot on a dating site.

Despite being over three decades old, the Sega Master System sold 150,000 units per year in Brazil at least as recently as 2015. That’s likely why production of the Genesis started up again back in 2016.

The world is running out of sand faster than it’s running out of fossil fuels.

The term “jaywalker” essentially means a person who walks foolishly.

Movie trailers are called that because they originally played after the movie.

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12 Amazing Facts That Everyone Should Know
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