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12 Awesome Halloween Budget Costumes

13 October 2018

Who doesn’t like Halloween? It’s one of the merrier times of the year and first of the holidays in a long row. It’s the time when both kids and adults are having lots of fun, by doing all sorts of stuff like wearing costumes. These costumes are done for kids in wheelchair and they are really something magical!

This Hogwarts Express costume is truly magical.

Paw Patrol costume

This Optimus Prime costume surely made this kid very happy

This boy got an absolutely amazing costume to go with his wheelchair, especially for a HALO fan: a Warthog with a working turret.

Bright, beautiful, glowing jellyfish

This boy’s parents made him a cool tank costume, with what looks like dry ice creating a smoky effect in the barrel.

How To Train Your Dragon costume

Ghostbusters costume

Same boy but now with snow speeder costume.

Maybe the best Star Wars costume!

This family embraced the Force as well, with a huge X-Wing costume.

They went all out with the X-Wing as well.

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12 Awesome Halloween Budget Costumes
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