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These 12 Celebrities Are Horrible People in Real Life. Here’s Why!

28 April 2019

Many of our favorite people are usually singers, actors, and TV personalities. Their work makes them look perfect but have you ever imagined what they were really like in real life? When the cameras are off, it’s a totally different story. Various situations and embarrassing moments have shown that some of these celebrities are actually not the best people in the .
1. Justin Bieber

This fella is not famous just because of his songs but also because of his reckless behavior. He was arrested many times, accused of possessing illegal substances, and driving while intoxicated. One of the most bizarre events happened when he urinated all over some of his fans at a concert!
2. Ariana Grande

Although she has the face of a naive girl, she is not so naive after all. She is famous for her arrogant attitude and the fact that she makes everyone on her tours have an incredibly hard time. Last year, in California, someone caught her on tape in a bakery where she, for no known reason, licked every single pastry in the store.
3. Alec Baldwin

He is famous for his roles not only in but for his prominent TV appearances. Sadly, Alec Baldwin is famous for his short temper too, which became apparent after his daughter released a voice mail in which he was calling her all sorts of names.
4. Michael Jordan
He may be a fantastic basketball player, but in real life, he is not so fantastic when it comes dealing with ordinary people. He is famous for his bad behavior in restaurants and hotels. Once he even pushed away an old woman who just wanted his autograph.
5. Sandra Bullock

Again, an actress infamous for her short temper. Most of her colleagues don’t want to be involved with her. She is full of high demands and not so pleasant to work with.
6. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson was one of the most loved actors back in the day. That was before the audiotapes were released: they show his bad temper. He was arrested a couple of times, completely intoxicated, and one of those times he even kept yelling things against different ethnic groups! Can you believe that?
7. Kanye West

This guy believes that he was sent from above and that he is the best rapper ever to walk the Earth. One of his best statements was the one where he claimed that he is the best thing that had happened to all of mankind. Seriously, Kanye?
8. Jennifer Lopez

Now, she is something else. Jennifer never speaks to any of her colleagues or people on the set: she has an assistant for that, who works as a medium! Now that is the definition of arrogance.
9. Naomi Campbell

This woman is used to throwing chairs at her employees, just because she is not satisfied with their work. Or with something in her life. So mean!
10. Nicki Minaj

This diva is famous for always being late on sets, which was the case on the recent American Idol. She also has that “I am better than you attitude” which she is not afraid to show to others.
11. William Shatner

He has an extremely bad reputation when it comes to treating his fans. Not only does he refuse to give them autographs, but he is also said to have charged people for them in the past. $100 each.
12. Katherine Heigel

Katherine is often mistaken for the sweet Izzie Stevens. Katherine has a bad reputation of being annoying and difficult to work with because of her mood swings.

These 12 Celebrities Are Horrible People in Real Life. Here’s Why!
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