12 Epic Facts About Michael Phelps That Prove He’s Not from This Planet

19 April 2019

Michael Phelps is the best swimmer in the history of the Olympics. He has 25 Olympic medals and he’s nowhere near the end. Check out these incredible facts you probably didn’t know about him!
1. In Under 50 Seconds, He Swims 100 Meters

He can go from one end of the pool to the other and back in less than 50 seconds. For 100 and 200-metter butterfly stroke, he’s earned a world record.
2. Back Stroke

At first, he was afraid to put his head under the water, so he learned backstroke first!
3. Record

When he was 10, he set a record for his age group for 100-meter butterfly.
4. First Olympic Games

He was only 15 years old when he went to his first OI games in 2000.
5. Feet Size 14

His feet are size 14! They bend so much that he basically has flippers at the end of his legs.
6. Only Seven Years Old

He was only seven years old when he started swimming.
7. Lactate Production

It is reported that his body makes less lactate than his competitors, making it easier for him to swim stronger and recover soon after a race.
8. Youngest Man to Break the Record

He was only 15 years old when he broke the world record, making himself the youngest man to do so.
9. The Most Decorated Olympic Athlete

At the age of 27, he broke another record – the most medals in Olympic history.
10. Breaking His Own Records

He once broke the world record and in the next race, he broke his own record again!
11. Huge Arm Span

When he stretches his arms, the distance between his fingers is bigger than his height!
12. National Records

He still holds the national record in 12 age groups.

12 Epic Facts About Michael Phelps That Prove He’s Not from This Planet
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