These 12 Facts Are the PROOF the Earth Is Actually FLAT…? Why Are They Lying to Us?

04 April 2019

There were so many stories about how the earth is flat and no one believes them… But are we all being fooled by the powerful forces to live in a lie? Here are some reasons why earth could be flat:

1. Horizon Always Looks like It’s Flat.

2. Curvature Factor Is Not Presented in Engineering Plans

Railroads or channels many miles long are constantly cut and afterward are laid level, with no ebb and flow factor calculated in. The engineers know this but they are not doing anything about it!

3. It is not presented in airplane travel plans.

If the planet isn’t flat, how come planes can fly straight? If the planet is round, if plane would fly straight, it would leave atmosphere in 30 minutes.

4. If the planet spins it should let us travel more quickly

Earth turns at roughly 1000 miles an hour. This should enable flying objects to float over while wanted goals are coming to them, not to squander vitality going the world over. That would enable us to movement all the more effectively.

5. No one knows actually the planet’s spin speed

Earth is supposedly spinning over 1000 mph. However, no one has ever proven this.

6. Wrong maps

When a commander called James Clark Ross ventured to every part of the Antarctic, he encountered something irregular.

He detected a steady irregularity in his graphs, winding up outside their course regularly up to 16-29 miles. Numerous others have encountered a similar thing.

7. Antarctica’s model is not consistent

The frozen landmass has an outline that is evidently no greater than 12 thousand miles.

In any case, a ship from the United Kingdom called Challenger found something different. In Antarctica, the ship made an aggregate circumnavigation. What’s more, it was navigating around 69 thousand miles.

8. Wrong water physics.

Purportedly, the outstanding water material science of level support would be unimaginable if the planet was an immense circle – it would splatter all around.

Waterways need to achieve ocean level. On the off chance that the planet had a circle shape, at that point some of them, similar to Mississippi, would stream tough for miles.

9. Traveling east would be very hard indeed.

The impact of the Earth turning ought to discredit any endeavor of a business aircraft to fly Eastward at any speed beneath 1000 miles for each hour and it just wouldn’t work.

Likewise, arrivals would be unthinkable. The turning of the Earth would make it basically outlandish for planes to arrive on the ground beneath them. Since the ground would continually be moving at a colossal speed, no plane would figure out how to hit the arrival site.

10. Irregularities with our atmosphere.

With regards to this hypothesis, a ton of open deliberation is centered around the air.

Supposedly, the air is conflicting implying that barometrical marvels and climate forecasts would be for all intents and purposes capricious if the planet was round. The hypothesis expresses that we can anticipate this simply because the planet is level.

11. New Zealand’s lighthouse

In New Zealand, there is a well known beacon called Port Nicholson.

Regardless of whether it stands route over the level of the ocean, it shouldn’t be noticeable more than a few miles away as a result of the gathered Earth ebb and flow, however its light springs on more than 35 miles.

12. Traveling trough time

In “Superman” movie from 1978, Superman flies around the planet at a blasting rate and pivots it to turn back the time.

The hypothesis here is that if the planet has a circle shape, this would be conceivable, yet since time travel doesn’t exist, it just demonstrates that Earth is as flat.

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These 12 Facts Are the PROOF the Earth Is Actually FLAT…? Why Are They Lying to Us?
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