12 Local News Captions That Shouldn’t Have Been Seen.

29 August 2018

I bet you’ve seen your fair share of live news mistakes – I know I have. These things tend to happen, mostly because we’re all human and we’re prone to making mistakes, usually at the most important time imaginable.

That’s exactly what happened with the people below. Some of these ‘oops’ moments happened by mistake, and some appear to be planned ahead but turned out to be a really lousy attempt of humor.

This person didn’t even try.

Maybe it was their last day on the job?

I stand corrected.

This was the person who tried to make their last day as innovative as possible.

It happens so often that you can call it a regular.

And it’s not some crappy cable network we’re talking about.

I can picture how this played out.

“Okay, guys we have to come up with something right now. Give me something that screams horror birthday.” And they delivered.

This man is clearly a hunter.

It’s in his DNA.

I KNOW what her husband said when he saw this.

“Yes, she did.”

I guess no one saw the money they were holding in their hands.

Talk about security.

And they showed this right before the Super Bowl. Idiots.

This is an actual job?

I need to tell my wife she picked the wrong beauty school.

The most elaborate news headline ever.

Not really.

Who knew? The man was civilized in public.

Pretty sure that’s not how he eats it when he’s at home with his family.

Well, that obviously happened.

Not sure who the brilliant mind behind this was, but it wasn’t that brilliant.

Images source: funcage.com

12 Local News Captions That Shouldn’t Have Been Seen.
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