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12 Moments When People Were Confused But Internet Was Ready To Jump In To Help

13 October 2018

Sometimes we encounter some stuff in the world about which we have no clue what it even is. All you need to do is take a phone or a camera, take a picture and ask for help online. Help will come in matter of minutes!

In St. Petersburg subway cars, there were strange new contraptions.

They are backrests for wheelchair users.

By backing their chair up to one, the rider can use the seat belt to secure themselves in place and enjoy a safe, comfortable ride.

A person was walking it’s dog and he/she came across this big patch of strange fungi

These are Fairy inkcap mushrooms and they aren’t poisonous. They start with transparent white caps before turning gray, and crumble when touched. Though technically edible, they aren’t known for their flavor.

This blue creature with a little sail washed up on a Vancouver beach.

It’s a Velella, an ocean creature that lives on the surface of the water. The sail on its back catches the wind, moving it about the ocean as it feeds on plankton in the water below.

These small metal containers were found in a junk drawer.

These are vintage lubricators. Filled with oil, the metal is just soft enough that you could press your thumb against the oval on the body and get a few drops for your sewing machine, hinges, etc.

A set of springy metal combs

The combs are meant to be used to create faux wood finishes on walls or furniture.

All sorts of strange things can be found on the breach

This is apparently a sea cucumber, making me seriously question how people ever thought they looked enough like cucumbers to name them after the veggie.

Strange posts found throughout Crystal River, Florida.

These are the emergency sirens for the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant. Luckily, they’ve never been needed, but residents are used to the test alerts happening every Friday at noon.

This unusual tool was found hanging in a restaurant

Turns out that it’s a tool specially made for balancing a cone of sugar over a punch bowl for the German beverage, Feuerzangenbowle.

Once you have a steaming mixture of spiced wine, the tool is placed over the bowl with the sugar cone balancing on it. Then, you soak the sugar in rum and set the whole cone on fire.

Piece of sea glass has an old-timey face embossed on it.

It’s Harry E. Wilkens, whose face was emblazoned on the glass bottles of Wilkens Whiskey in the early half of the 20th century.

“Found among my dad’s old things in between some broken computer hard drives,” said one Reddit user.

t’s a heliograph, or signal mirror, used in WWII to send messages by reflecting the sun in specific patterns such as Morse code.

“Saw this bit of ‘fluff’ floating around in my garden. Turns out it’s alive! What is it?” asked think_and_wonder.

Woolly Alder Aphid, possibly the cutest bug I’ve ever seen. They’re sometimes called Maple Blight Aphids because the trees look covered in fuzz as the bugs feed on the sap.

This guy is six feet tall, which is a pretty good way to show the scale of this screw.

It was found while cleaning the shop and was quickly identified as an extruder screw for injection moulding.

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12 Moments When People Were Confused But Internet Was Ready To Jump In To Help
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