12 Moments Pure Savagery Came To Life.

21 September 2018

I try to get on with my life with as much solitude as I can possibly get. I don’t mess around with other people and they don’t mess around with me.

I enjoy my life just the way it is. If I didn’t, I’d be a huge part of what you’re about to see. I’d be in every imaginable friend zone and kicked out of every single one of them, as well.

What you’re about to see is about as much brutality a person should endure in their lifetime – except it’s all in one place.

Thank God I didn’t have a sister

Otherwise, you’d be reading my stupid texts.

This is how it begins.

People crying for money – step 1.

They start way too early nowadays

It’s kind of frightening, to be honest.

Boys will always be boys.

How do you like your apples?

With a grain of pixels?

You’d think this is trivial…

But it really isn’t. Let us know when you figure out why.

Pure savagery in the making.

Never mess with my food.

Pretty much among the top 3 cruelest jokes ever.

Why would you do this to someone?

We all have one of these.

Like, why are they even breathing? (sigh)

This is me you’re looking at.

Or, the alternate me, if I hadn’t been so alone in life.

This is what it looks like.

Except my friends never stuck around to share the blame. Hence the solitude.

Can’t really tell if savage or hilarious

What do you think? Woody or not?

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

12 Moments Pure Savagery Came To Life.
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