12 Moms Who Are Gods Of Improvisation

09 August 2018

Parenting can’t be taught overnight or from some tutorial or a guide, I think people are aware of that. Things mom do are from another planet, they are supernatural beings.

This is how to remind kids to eat in the morning

If you ask moms, yogurt is very important!

Now this is practical

This is how to get ice coffee, that is not all watery!

This mom who won’t lose bobby pins ever again

This is the real multi practical containers

This is how to keep a drink fresh!

This woman is the true MVP

When you set your priorities like this, you can’t fail

How to keep your tot dry

And this is how to keep your tot happy

Lemon ice cubes? Is this the best thing ever?

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

12 Moms Who Are Gods Of Improvisation
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