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12 Motivation Pics To Help You Get Through The Weekend.

27 October 2018

Every once in a while, people need a reason to keep going. It’s nothing unnatural, it’s just the way we are built. We need to find a purpose for whatever it is we are doing.

This list of motivational pics will help you get through the weekend with a smile on your face. You’ll definitely find something up your alley.

One wife was determined to make her husband’s 30th birthday a good one when he was feeling down because most of his friends couldn’t be there to celebrate.

A bunch of sea turtles born near a beach’s parking lot got confused by lights in the area and were headed away from the water until some kind locals intervened.

This guy saved a great horned owl from a barbed wire fence.

When someone forgot their keys on a park bench, the person who found them dropped them off at a local convenience store and left a note saying so.

After several recent, random animal rescues, including two involving young deer, this guy helped a baby bird out of one of his window wells.

During a heat wave, this hardware store in Germany put out a poster encouraging customers to bring their dogs into the store rather than leaving them in hot cars.

In India, a pair on a scooter gave some help to a handicapped person who was having some trouble in the rain.

This laundry service goes out of its way to help the unemployed, offering to clean an outfit needed for an interview for free.

This driver knows their ride isn’t the quickest off the mark, so to prevent any undue road rage, they put a note on the back to alert other drivers.

“My daughter who has ASD received straight Ds on her report today,” wrote @ShaneJacks on Twitter. “She cried and said, ‘I’ve let everyone down.'”

When his friend was embarrassed about going to the gym, this guy decided to go with him, but in costume, to take some of the attention away.

When storm clouds threatened, someone put an umbrella over this car’s open sunroof to keep the interior nice and dry.

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12 Motivation Pics To Help You Get Through The Weekend.
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