These 12 Movie Posters With Photoshop Fails On Them Just Went Viral

30 September 2018

Photoshop fails is a common thing these days but fails on famous movie posters? That is something that has to be seen!

Carefully look at The Dark Knight poster: Batman isn’t able to see all the crimes because he’s basically looking at the window frame.

Harry (take a look at his head) is simultaneously in the subway car and outside of it.

All his teeth are missing.

King Leonidas was definitely going to fight using a spear but some kind of misunderstanding took place and a sword was placed in his hand instead.

If you take a careful look at Colin Farell’s head, you’ll see that the attempts to make it as big as Anthony Hopkins’ didn’t end well.

Hugh Jackman’s hand looks pretty big compared to the hand of the young actress.

Look at her hand. There are only 2 options: the actress has a really short shoulder or the actors were hugging in a different manner and the Photoshop specialist forgot to retouch her hand in the final version of the movie poster.

Take a look at his right hand: when you try to get some light from a flamethrower, you’ve got to at least push the trigger mechanism.

Doesn’t it look weird to you that the position both men take in the movie poster doesn’t seem to be convenient to actually catch the woman?

Take a look yourself: the actress has definitely got someone else’s body glued to her head, someone removed the knees, and made the arms pretty long, especially the right one.

The legs in this poster are no less than 6 ft long.

Why does the Terminator have real human teeth that don’t even look fake?

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These 12 Movie Posters With Photoshop Fails On Them Just Went Viral
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