12 Outstanding Designers Who Failed At Design.

02 November 2018

There are many types of designers, and pretty much every single one of the is trying to be inventive. Trying to do something new and big that will get their name out there.

These designers usually have perspectives that your everyday Joe just doesn’t get. This perspective is the reason why we have a new ‘fail design’ list every once in a while.

There’s just too many people who are failing at trying to do something new. And we are grateful for those people, aren’t we?

This is known as the shoewer

Get it? Shoe+shower? Yeah, it sucks like this design.

I’m pretty sure that the kids in elementary school won’t notice it…

But what about the teachers?

This is the scariest SpongeBob I’ve ever seen.

An excellent way to ruin someone’s childhood.

The exact way when my OCD kicked in.

I’d sue the company who made it.

Not sure what to do. Or what they’re trying to accomplish here…

I need help.

I can see where they were going with this, but why?

Why on Earth would someone design this? And who would buy it?

Wait a minute…

What is going on over here?

If that’s not cheating, I don’t know what is…

It’s just rude.

This looks super scary…

It gave my kid nightmares. I’m lying, my kid is way too young to make this into a nightmare. It was me.

Isn’t someone supposed to edit or proofread these things?

I guess not.

Images source: brightside.me

12 Outstanding Designers Who Failed At Design.
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