12 People Who Just Stopped Pretending They Care

27 August 2018

People are mischievous and treacherous in their nature, if we look back to history and analyze human behavior. That is the sad truth. There is a saying that having an enemy is better than having a friend that is pretending to be your friend. At least with the enemy you know where you’re at. These people are the best pretenders ever:

Someone needs to die

When shaving takes forever so you make fun of it

This guy is going places

When the teacher is just waiting for the summer vacation

This gift giver who cut costs, not wrapping paper.

This is life of a working class in one picture

When you become really desperate

Car seats are the best furniture ever

This woman surely loves her cats

Maker of this cereal has laid down some truth in marketing.

Best shirt design, very descriptive

I don’t feel like thinking or doing anything today

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

12 People Who Just Stopped Pretending They Care
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