12 People Who Lost Their Stuff Forever

09 August 2018

Only worse when you lose something is when you watch your stuff getting destroyed. These people went trough some really terrible situations and we are here to laugh devilishly to it:

The Best Man dropped the rings in the grass. They were found at the base of the tree, but only after the ceremony.

If you get a present like this, don’t get too excited

What’cha gonna do now?

This guy just lost eight pounds of Jelly Bellies.

What the heck, a flying horse?! Nope, it’s a balloon

Don’t try to make selfies while skydiving

This guy tried to open a tuna can on top of the sink, but didn’t notice that the drain is almost the same size

Damn, this is a really tricky situation

One arch got eaten

What you’re too lazy to find may become someone else’s treasure.

Never set your phone down on a power tool.

This user’s dad found his wedding band in the garden 15 years after losing it.

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

12 People Who Lost Their Stuff Forever
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