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12 People Who Were Lucky Enough To Live Another Day.

12 October 2018

I have a strong belief that there is no such thing as luck. Yes, the world serves us constant examples of luck, but is it really luck? Or is it just fate?

There are also people who don’t believe in fate – just like I don’t believe in luck. Then again, there are all sorts of people who don’t believe or believe in all sorts of things.

So, what makes these people ‘lucky’? Well, they shared their experience online and called it lucky. I don’t find it lucky, but as long as they consider it as such, we’ll treat it as such.

Do you really consider this luck?

I find it more of a ‘freak of nature’ thing.

This person is even wearing rubber boots

They were clearly expecting this to happen.

They’re Funyuns

They’ll either come as a Funyun or Funyuns. No luck here.

Hitting the jackpot?

I think not. Someone was just too lazy to check the last drawer. But interestingly enough, they weren’t lazy to take out into the front yard.

Luck? You call this luck?

All you need to do is look for more than 3 seconds and you’ll find a clover with more than 3 leaves.

You do know that you can actually ask for this seat?

Usually, no one wants to sit there. But someone has to if the plane is full, so…

People hid something in the floor, didn’t get a chance to get it out

Get over yourself.

That’s not luck, that’s hard work

I’ve worked hard my whole life, I know this isn’t luck. Hard (and smart) work literally pays off.

Who parks next to a tree anyways?

I bet the parking spaces are drawn before and after the tree. Logic.

10. Had this person stopped right before the wall, they could have called it luck

just wasn’t their time.

Never park under a tree

It wasn’t your car’s time yet. It might be the next time you park under a tree.

This is what not breaking in time gets you

You’re dumb if you find this lucky.

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12 People Who Were Lucky Enough To Live Another Day.
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