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12 People Who Messed With The Gods Of Advertising.

19 November 2018

Every single day, you come across a ton of ads for revolutionary products that have the potential to change your life. Of course, as we all do out of curiosity, you click on the ad and surprise, surprise, it costs about 90% cheaper than you thought it would.

This is the moment you little antennae start to notice a bit of discrepancy – it’s life-changing, but it’s also cheap? Like myself, you like to believe there’s good out there, so you order it. And you get an absolute catastrophe of a product. Like these people below.

Wait a minute, there’s something fishy here

Is it the color of the dress?

These are the Bratz that stretch AFTER you wash them

Like the opposite of what usually happens to clothes. It’s revolutionary, remember?

So, your sister is a tiny elf that dwells in the tree tops?

Always, and I mean always, read the fine print.

Like I said…

There are these tiny letters you just HAVE to read. And there’s 1 customer review – are you serious?

I guess the gods played in his favor

His wife will never let him decorate again.

Life teaches you that you have to expect anything AND everything

Not only did this guy get ripped off, but he paid the shipping as well

I feel bad for this guy.

It’s always great in theory…

Not so much in real life.

You can at least try to punch a hole in it… I think…

I’m not a man that’s into long legs, but those are too long for anyone…

I would do the same, believe me…

I might not give him $5, but still.. no pineapple on pizza!

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12 People Who Messed With The Gods Of Advertising.
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