12 People Miraculously Avoided Disastrous Moments.

01 January 2019

Every single day thousands and thousands of people from all over the globe experience what we refer to as ‘a close call’.

Whether it’s luck, fate or whatever they want to call it, these people get another chance to make their lives matter.

This list is comprised of all types of close calls, from a nail almost piercing someone’s foot to a boulder crushing someone’s house.

That is one Big Rock

Luckily, the majority of the house made it.

Spared by an inch

Extremely missed by an inch.

I wonder what exactly happened here.

Someone was backing out, that’s for sure.

This would’ve taken the driver’s life

A close one if you ask me.

Someone’s got thick skin, don’t they?

All things considered, this was close.

I’d say this guy was relatively spared

He doesn’t know what he’s in for.

So close to stepping on it

That would’ve been fun, wouldn’t it?

You really need to be in the wrong place at the wrong time

This guy made it out alive.

Every dad should take care of their kids like this one

My dad wasn’t long enough with me, so appreciate your parents – you don’t know how long you have with them.

Who knew a single branch can make this much damage?

These things can be unwillingly dangerous

Conflict avoided.

These guys should start playing the lottery

I think they stand a decent chance.

Images source: 24hviralphotos.com

12 People Miraculously Avoided Disastrous Moments.
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