12 People Who Are Real Savages

24 August 2018

These people are total savages, not caring about who you are, they will call out everyone and everything without a question.

The best callout is the one that is calling out the bad callout

I don’t want to know how this happened

I’m just glad he was talking about puppies.

All they wanted was to share their love of Frank Ocean, and they ended up getting roasted for their car.

I wonder what he did

There’s something about a callout being an official statement from a business that makes it extra saucy.

Wait, what?

All you need to say is NO

This kid is going full honesty

Dad will not be glad to see this

When you call someone out for bad parking, you want to make sure that the lesson really hangs on.

As if all these broke students running around didn’t feel bad enough, here comes Mr. Billboard, looking to twist the knife.

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

12 People Who Are Real Savages
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