12 People Who Seriously Failed At Their Orders.

27 October 2018

Some people don’t know how to do the Internet. It’s just beyond them. And that’s how other people, usually retailers, make their businesses flourish.

These people made their bets on things they thought were legit, but they failed real bad. And now they have nothing else to do but regret their decisions.

This protein bar lacks protein

Letter L is someone’s favorite letter

If it’s to this, then everyone is drunk

“I’m never ordering online again…”

Epic Winnie mask fail

“Tried to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. Put this in the special requirements and they printed it on the box!”

What a great balcony

Flowers work isn’t your call

“My sister ordered boots online for her Halloween costume and this is what came in the mail…”

“I mean expectations for these are never high, but… oh man.”

“Views of the main church from the bedroom window.”

Winne from the Jaws

Images source: brightside.me

12 People Who Seriously Failed At Their Orders.
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