12 People Who Just Want To See The World Burn.

31 October 2018

Some things – in this case, images – are endowed with the ability to melt our eyes and your brain, especially when they have dumb people in them.

As far as worst scenarios go, this is one of the most comprehensive lists of people who are trying to see the world burn. It’s not too long, or too short – it’s just the right amount.

This is a fine example of people who do want to see it burn

And before you question me – Yes, they do.

If your hair color matches a ratty paintbrush, then you may need to reconsider life.

Or at least your hair color.

That is not something you want to have near your rear end

Or under it, either.

Oohhh, man, don’t ruin it for him…

Let him be a kid in his own private time, not on your social media.

Oh, my eyes..

It’s a naked man! Just kiddin’…

Don’t text and drive a bike

If you do, way worse things could happen than a chain-tangled phone.

Giant nest of spider eggs

I wouldn’t point a laser in this direction, let alone take a photo of it.

This looks worrying

If this doesn’t bring an intervention, I don’t know what will.

This is the true meaning of takeout food

He sure did take it out. And put it in.

If this doesn’t frighten you…

Then I don’t know what will but look at the chill gentleman on the right.

Things we do to get cheap booze

And we do it brilliantly if I might add.

Quite possibly the best place to hide from the rain


Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

12 People Who Just Want To See The World Burn.
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