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12 People Whose Day Did NOT Start Well.

18 January 2019

Do you really think you know what it’s like to have a bad day? You do don’t you. Well, you don’t. You want to know why?

Bacause there is always that poor guy that is having a way worse day than you are. Prime examples listed below.

While heating up the barbecue grill, my dad somehow managed to melt the side of our house.

Someone will be coming back real fast

This is such a roller-coaster of feelings

This dude’s car has a very low gas consumption when the wasps managed to make this

This dog brought the sprinkler in the house.

I hope there’s a spare tire in the back.

This is a constant fear of mine

Could you please give me the number of your window fitter?

So termites actually devoured the George R. R. Martin series.

I thought waffles would be a good breakfast today.

When you think that your day is getting better, but this happens

Camping with floating tents

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12 People Whose Day Did NOT Start Well.
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