12 People Who Will Mock You In Your Face

25 August 2018

The curveball in baseball is something really unpredictable, so are these people with their actions. They are fun and interesting, as you will see down below:

This is what everyone should do when a flood happens in public transit

This is how people are interested in your post

Not what you would expect

You got schooled buddy

I think we finally solved the crime about the mysterious bandit who’s been stealing all the Whataburger numbers.

Grandma is asking the trick questions

When you admit yourself that you are just trash


Um, didn’t see that one coming

Oh, this is soo wrong, on so many levels

Did you notice the doggo lying there?

Error, my brain failed after reading this

This is everyday life in schools. Judgmental people are everywhere

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

12 People Who Will Mock You In Your Face
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