12 People Who Will Teach You How To Deal With An Ex

11 October 2018

Everyone have to give it a few tries before you find the right one, there are some rare cases when you just marry the first woman you end up with, but those rarely go as planned. These people will teach you how to deal with exes and the attitude to have towards them.

“Came across a 10-year-old photo that had my brother’s ex-wife and my ex in it. Instead of deleting them I ‘fixed’ it.”

Just stop right there

There must always be a winner

It’s a good song, you must admit

Ah, the innocence of the pets

“My girlfriend’s ex asks her this every couple of months.”

“Meet my ex-wife’s new boyfriend.”

A confession that is truly sincere

The regret of the person who decided to message first is almost visible

“When she served the divorce papers, she said she was fine splitting everything down the middle.”

If you didn’t notice

The joy of reblocking

Images source: brightside.me

12 People Who Will Teach You How To Deal With An Ex
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