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12 Pics That Hit Us Like A Truck

27 October 2018

Curve balls hitting us is something that is normal nowadays, we just need to adapt. But how can someone adapt to these?

When you are all depressed in the Monday morning but the sky is sending good vibes

If you see it once you are at work, it’s too late

Best photobomb ever

This looks like it was made by somebody who was trying to win a bet about how close they could get to violating copyright, while still getting away with it.

That’s a long time for a misunderstanding

Just do your thing man, people will like it

They say that taking care of yourself is its own reward. Obviously those people have never heard of cake.

Bricks made of wood, how about that?

New mission unlocked, enter the glowing car

“I flew 5913 Miles to enjoy the view from the legendary California State Route 1. Worth it!” —Kid_Rebel1 on Reddit.

This happened naturally.

Seems kind of inappropriate to call out a whole state in your geology classroom, but what the hell.

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12 Pics That Hit Us Like A Truck
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