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12 Pics That Show The Magic Of Genetics.

29 October 2018

Scientists believe that genes are extremely predictable.  That’s why they also believe that gene manipulation should be legal for everyone.

But the thing is, Mother Nature (aka evolution) has been doing its thing for thousands of years, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sure, scientists aim to cure and eventually eradicate diseases, but that might cost people a lot more than they bargained for.

So, here’s some proof that genetics shouldn’t be messed with. It should be kept just the way it is, otherwise, we won’t be having these moments anymore.

There’s no denying that facial these expressions are IDENTICAL

She got her looks from her great-grandmother

Her style is not that different either.

These girls look nearly identical

Believe it or not, these girls are mother and daughter – AT THE SAME AGE!

Now why would you mess with genetics

This girl was/is beautiful at 15.

Sometimes looks run in the family

In this case, both son and dad look dashing at the age of 28.

These photos were taken 30 years apart

There’s just one difference. You figure it out.

Believe it or not, these aren’t twins

This guy alongside of his father

This guy took a photo of himself.

And paired it with a photo of his father.

Being a fan of a team is love that runs through the family

This is a recreation of a 30-year-old photo

Man holding his son and the son holding his daughter 30 years later. Even the mustache is the same. Don’t you just love genetics?

It’s like looking at a sepia photo of her

The eyes and dimples make them look the same. Nevertheless, these are two different photos – of a mother and her daughter.

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12 Pics That Show The Magic Of Genetics.
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