12 Pics Showing How Rough Parenting Really Is.

21 September 2018

For years, I thought parenting was a set of somewhat easy everyday tasks that you just have to get through. And I’ve heard people say that parenting is the most beautiful thing in the world.

However, the amount of ‘tasks’ that a parent has to go through every single day, along with all the other things in life, can be quite rough and make you quit after a month or two.

These images describe exactly that. Anyone who’s ever been a parent can corelate with these people and the situations they’ve experienced.

Some parents are real ninja parents

It takes great skill to be this good.

What, no one told you parenting can get really challenging sometimes?

Sometimes, these little humans have absolutely no respect for you

There are so many idiotic cartoons out there.

The worst thing is, kids enjoy them so you have to teach yourself how to enjoy them as well.

This, right here, is the ugly truth

There’s no way of going around this. That’s why my brother has had 14,000,605 opportunities in life and I’ve carved each and every single one of my own.

Oh, the pain…

The agony you have to go through.

Once they’re asleep, switch to ninja mode and get the heck out of that room

Otherwise, you’re in for another twelve rounds.

You can’t keep saying aw an infinite number of times

Maybe 14,000,605 times, but not for infinity.

And imagine getting a baby in your 40s

No peace and quiet until you’re 60.

If they came out of your private space, you get to be savage

In this case, Reynolds helped out a bit so he gets to have a crack or two every other week.

Achieving your goals no matter what?

Cruelty at its finest.

What, was he supposed to let it go to waste?

Get over yourselves people – you’re not the parent here.

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

12 Pics Showing How Rough Parenting Really Is.
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