12 Pics That Will Tick Your Inner OCD.

12 November 2018

We live in a remorseless world where people love to enjoy putting others through pain and misery. Now imagine people doing this to those with severe cases of OCD.

I have what you might call a mild case, so there are things that don’t bother me but when I am bothered, I tend to feel the pain for all my OCD brothers and sisters out there.

I can see my OCD kicking-in…

In three, two, one…

There’s nothing I can do for you now.

May God bless your mess.

So much broken glass…

and none of the pieces are equal.

I broke off flawlessly

That is, until you notice the mess on the other side.

Someone is getting first over this

Who in their right mind would install the door first, then the toilet.

This literally makes me want to cry.

I appreciate the quarterly alignment, but…

You’re an animal.

Mother nature gave this guy natural shorts

And it gave me a serious case of misaligned OCD.

If I were to cut the Internet for my company, I’d do it properly

I sure hope this was enhanced with a tool

If not, someone’s going to Hell for this.

I never wanted to believe…

But some people do just want to see this world burn.

And it’s this kind of remorselessness that ticks my OCD…

Images source: brightside.me

12 Pics That Will Tick Your Inner OCD.
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