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10 Photos Showing ‘The Other’ Other Side Of Mother Nature

05 March 2019

Nature comes in various forms and shapes. Some of those shapes are truly and utterly terrifying and from time to time, people come across those super-eerie creatures.

Some of those things tend to be beautiful as well as eerie, but you get to judge the beauty and the eerieness. But just in case you think I messing with you, browse through the pics below.

These show our Mother Nature at her finest attempt to control and eventually undo the wrongdoings mankind has done during the brief time we’ve been around.

The evil soul of the lava pit

It looks like it’s in amidst of sucking in souls.

This hermit crab actually uses a doll head as its seashell

I’d run the other way if I saw it. And I’d run fast.

We’ve got just two words for you – Centipede & Babies

And you know it’s time to run when you see this.

You usually need to stay away from a hornet’s nest

This one in particular.

This is something you see in Alien movies

And on Earth. Our planet. Because, Mother Nature.

Nope, this is not a snake

It’s actually a caterpillar that looks like a snake.

And here I was thinking I needed more teeth to chew my food better

This sheepshead has more than enough. Enough to make me turn my head away and scroll down.

Frogs are tough

This one is exceptional. It just didn’t want to go down.

Mother Nature is all about the survival of the fittest.

This photo shows Nature’s true colors. This can happen, too.

Now, I’m not trying to freak you out but

I see this as a blend of an eel and shark with insanely sharp teeth that will go in fast and stay in there.

The Baikal lake is famous for its frightening creatures from the deep

This is one of them.

10 Photos Showing ‘The Other’ Other Side Of Mother Nature
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